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Dr. Mokbel, a prosthodontist, treats complex cases and receives referrals from other dentists. Prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in cosmetic dentistrydental implantsperiodontal treatment, full mouth rehabilitation, dentures and more. Dr. Mokbel is highly trained to provide exceptional care and artistry, restoring your smile with gentle care and a talented eye.

Our office is conveniently located in Fountain Valley with easy access from Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Central Orange County, and the coastal beaches of Orange County. 

Laser Assisted Periodontal Surgery

Dr. Mokbel strives to provide each of his patients with the very best in dental care and stays up to date with the latest developments in treatments and technology. Dr. Mokbel has received extensive training on the LANAP procedure, a laser surgery that gently treats gum disease without a scalpel or sutures. Unlike traditional gum surgery, the LANAP treatment does not usually result in gum recession or increased sensitivity to hot or cold. Instead, LANAP utilizes laser technology to remove only the harmful bacteria from the mouth. The only FDA cleared laser for use in gum surgery, LANAP can help Dr. Mokbel's patients save their natural teeth.

One Visit Restorations: the Cad Cam Evolution

Dr. Mokbel understands that in order to create a prosthesis that can be worn for life, it is necessary to complete their design in office. Dr. Mokbel offers one visit restorations using the CEREC machine. CEREC allows Dr. Mokbel to complete a patient's restoration within the same appointment. Previously, restorations required multiple office visits, injections, and temporary restorations before the permanent restoration could be placed. With CEREC, Dr. Mokbel is able to complete the procedure from start to finish in just one office visit. We aim to establish long and lasting relationships with our patients. We pledge excellence in all we do, and we look forward to helping you make the most of your smile now, and for all the years to come. Let us help you achieve that winning smile you desire.

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    "This guy is the expert for dental work of all kinds. I had lots of broken teeth and old caps everywhere. It may have taken a year, but with 2 implants, many new caps, 2 bridges and a partial, I now have a beautiful smile. Something I’ve done without for almost 25 years. He’s a stickler for making sure the bite is just right and the bridges and partials are comfortable. Everything turned out perfect! I can’t say enough about him. He teaches at USC dental and knows more than anyone you can imagine. He even takes his students to Mexico to provide free dental work to those that can’t afford it there.Don’t go anywhere else, he’s the best, but doesn’t gouge you with above average charges."

    Mike O.

    "I would recommend Dr. Mokbel to any of my family and friends who wanted implants or who had exceptionally challenging dental issues. Having this work done has had a very positive impact on my life. I’m extremely grateful that I can talk clearly and without embarrassment. I’m grateful I can look to the future and know that I have made an investment in my overall health. (I love being able to eat anything without fear that a cap will come lose and that I can chew properly.)"

    Billie K.

    "Dear Danielle and Dr. Mokbel, I wanted to write and thank you both for helping me to get my smile back. From the very first moment I walked into the office you made me feel so comfortable and not once did I feel as though I should be ashamed for being there. I still can't believe how fast you worked Dr. Mokbel, to make sure I had my smile on MY timeline. I appreciate it very much! I find myself smiling all the time now and I am beginning to like who I see. Thanks so much for everything."

    DeAnne N.

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