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Case 1

After wearing his " composite"  veneers for over 12 years, they became discolored, chipped, rough and worn out, his wife finally convinced him to go for Porcelain Veneers. He was not disappointed and he loves his new smile. You can see the dramatic change, We fixed the shape, the length, the texture and of course the color of his teeth. Even the patient's face is different his has a radiant attractive and a very noticeable smile.

Case 2

Case 3

Pam, Did not like her smile at all, when smiling big ( just for the camera ) she was not really happy. Once, we made the changes she was very confident and her face relaxed and the lines around her lips disappeared.

This and the other cases here, have been in for over 20 to 25 years.

Case 4

This case Title is: "No prep Porcelain Veneers OR "Lumineers": Sean, wanted to change her smile, She wanted an attractive and noticeable smile without the grinding of the enamel off her teeth. This case was done with minimal removal of tooth structure and the thin Veneers were less then 0.5 mm. they turned out better than I ever imagined, and Sean, she love the.

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