• I would recommend Dr. Mokbel to any of my family and friends who wanted implants or who had exceptionally challenging dental issues. Having this work done has had a very positive impact on my life. I’m extremely grateful that I can talk clearly and without embarrassment. I’m grateful I can look to the future and know that I have made an investment in my overall health. (I love being able to eat anything without fear that a cap will come lose and that I can chew properly.)

    Billie K.
  • This guy is the expert for dental work of all kinds. I had lots of broken teeth and old caps everywhere. It may have taken a year, but with 2 implants, many new caps, 2 bridges and a partial, I now have a beautiful smile. Something I’ve done without for almost 25 years. He’s a stickler for making sure the bite is just right and the bridges and partials are comfortable. Everything turned out perfect! I can’t say enough about him. He teaches at USC dental and knows more than anyone you can imagine. He even takes his students to Mexico to provide free dental work to those that can’t afford it there.
    Don’t go anywhere else, he’s the best, but doesn’t gouge you with above average charges.

    Mike O.
  • The purpose of this letter is to advise you how grateful I am to have you and your Special Talents to fit and administer the manufacture of my current Dentures.

    You have provided your Special Services to me since June 1997 at your office on Lincoln Ave., in Anaheim.

    As you know I have been required to wear Dentures since I was Twenty-one. Prior to being referred to you, I must have been a client of an excess of six or more Dentists, with none of the previous Dentures being satisfactory due to a problem with my mouth structure.

    As of this writing I am Eighty-Six years old and the Dentures you provided have a perfect bite that could not be achieved by any Dentist previously.

    You have provided me with Dentures that have a perfect bite and a Soft Liner, to which I owe the fact that I now feel normal, can eat properly and maintain good health, due to you and your special talents.

    W. R. Phillips